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Xiaoning has been active in the field of cross-cultural communication and community management. She founded Viva la Vida, a global community with influence in 50+ countries where people share their authentic stories through art, explore the purpose of life, and form genuine connections across culture. She's also a German Chancellor Fellow, Sherpa of G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance, Education and outreach consultant of World Federation of United Nations Association, Global Shaper of World Economic Forum and Forbes 30 under 30.


唐雪丹 ECHO

Project Coordinator

Echo is from Chengdu, who studied in Shanghai, New York and London with a bachelor in Poli Sci and a master in Arts management. She is documentary  filmmaker and freelance writer. Three key words in her life are: explore, create, connect.



Research Coordinator

Jing Yu is a software engineer based in Montreal, Canada. Previously, she was a researcher in the field of Human-computer interaction, and has published her research work in areas of social computing, user behavior, and accessibility. She is passionate about using technology to empower human and make positive social impacts. She is a part-time world traveler who has lived/worked in 5 countries and enjoys learning about different cultures.


张运年 WAN


Wan studied Finance and Economics at the University of Cambridge and London School of Economics, specializing in the field of sustainable investment and development economics. After graduation, he devoted himself to rural education and established a social enterprise, working with local governments to promote the digital reform of rural education in China.




Chelsea is from Qingdao and studies design technology at Harvard right now, based in Boston. During her gap year back to China, she worked for both tech companies and NGO. She focuses on inclusive design, doing tech for good and how tech companies could play a meaningful role in committing to public welfare. She is interested in accessibility research and assistive technology design.




After graduated from Scripps College with a major in Media Studies and a minor in French, Xiwen worked in film acquisitions and distribution in New York and Beijing. She is now back to her hometown Shenzhen exploring culture and creative industry. She values multicultural interactions and perspectives and always stays curious for the world.



Program Design

Wenbo Yang is a graduate student studying Architecture Design in Tongji University and in Sapienza University of Rome. He is the Director of the Department of Users’ Experience in Viva la Vida, and also the Global Shaper in Shanghai Community. Wenbo had served as the President of Hubei Provincial Students’ Federation . He is now passionate in presenting the lives and stories of the disadvantaged groups through fieldwork and exhibition.



Program Design

Eagle graduated from New York University. Currently, she is a software engineer at Amazon based in Seattle, USA. Out of her passion for multicultural interaction, Eagle worked on cultural exchange as a volunteer in Europe. She was also an entrepreneur in the field of technology and health in New York. She believes technology brings positive impact on social development and passionate about technology innovation. It's better to burn out than fade away.



Program Design

Hanhan graduated from Columbia University with a dual masters' degree in Journalism and Statistics, co-founded two startups, interned at UNDP as a data scientist, and also worked as a data journalist at India Today Group. She loves cross-cultrual exchange, and speaks Chinese, English, Arabic and French. She is dedicated to causes for public good, sustainable development, consciousness and wellbeing.




Graduated from Peking University in International relations and Business Administration. Heading to UPenn GSE for master in Educational Anthropology. Partner of The Humanlight Film Ltd. Huge fan of snowboarding and outdoor traveling.




Yinlei studied in Shanghai and London, where she has accumulated relevant knowledge of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, as well as cultural and creative industries. She has a passion for research on subcultural groups, and loves travel, fitness, film and literature




Niki is studying at NYU, majoring in Neural Science and Psychology. Cat-lover & Coffeeholic! Fan of The Weeknd and Post Malone.




Coco studied literature in various different countries and cities, such as Lanzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan, the USA and Germany. She believes that words are life, believes that encounter is a miracle.




Yuxiao Ligeia ZHU is from Urumqi, based in Paris. She is the general director of the Artciel association, which is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture in Europe. Yuxiao enjoys multicultural interactions and passionate about youth empowerment. She is the Brand Director of Builder and also the editor of So Rock Magazine. She loves ballet and rock 'n roll. Yuxiao received her MBA & MSC in arts and cultural management degree from IESA & Paris School of Business.

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Hailee is a sophomore majoring in international public policy in Peking University. She has strong interest in topics like sustainable development and social innovation and she interned in VIVA ana another start-up, engaging in liason and communicaion. She's devoted in intercultural communication and she's looking forward to working with people from different backgrounds to achieve meaningful goals.




Yan Zhang is the Co-founder & CTO of, a Y Combinator company providing AI solutions to the game industry and building the true Metaverse with AI generated content. Yan was a senior software engineering at NVIDIA AI infrastructure team for self-driving cars. Yan is an honoree of Forbes 30 Under 30, Hurun Under 30s to Watch and a member of WEF Global Shapers Community and G20 YEA Talent Community. Yan received his Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon University.




Luowen Chen is from Chengdu China, graduated from the University of Birmingham. She majored in International Finance and Banking & Finance for undergraduate phase with two degrees, and she was conferred a master of Investment for postgraduate phase. Having multiple years’ experience of overseas study and program involvement, Luowen has strong interest in cultural diversity and intercultural communication, with a particular fondness on seeing the world through traveling and photography.




Kexin is a user researcher / data analyst. Her work has helped UNEP, LinkedIn, and MindGeek make better data-driven decisions. Kexin received her undergraduate education at McGill University and The College of William and Mary.