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Future Close-Up Tour is a special project made in cooperation between THINC Fellowship, Tencent, China International Media Group, and Communication University of China, which brings together young changemakers, influencers, entrepreneurs from all corners of the world to Chinese tech capitals - Beijing and Shenzhen.


Future Close-Up Tour provides participants with a first-hand experience of the Chinese tech industry, which is currently one of the fastest-growing in the world!

Destination 1:

Due to the city being a leading global technology hub, Shenzhen is sometimes called China's Silicon Valley in the media. The city's entrepreneurial, innovative, and competitive-based culture has resulted in the city being home to numerous small-time manufacturers or software companies.


Destination 2:

Beijing is a vibrant city for venture capital and startups. The capital city houses 1,070 AI companies – over a quarter of China's total. Beijing also features a tech hub called Zhongguancun that is home to 10 AI labs and 9,000 tech companies, including Baidu, Sina Corp and Lenovo.

THINC will take you to:

  • Two of the most important tech hubs in China: Beijing and Shenzhen

  • Company visits to Chinese tech giants: Tencent, Huawei, Baidu, Inc., DiDi, Meituan (tbc)


  • Workshop at one of the Chinese top universities, Communication University of China, on the topic of "Development and Applications of the Digital Media Technology", certificate upon completion

  • Forum with closed-door networking sessions with the senior management of tech companies, business leaders, entrepreneurs, representatives of international organizations in China

  • Visits to the famous scenic spots in Beijing, learning about Chinese history and culture, daily digital services experience


You will also get:

  • Publicity and interviews in main media channels in China and abroad

  • Co-authoring a white paper on digital economy


Who can apply?

  • Candidates with various backgrounds, including journalists, public opinion leaders, writers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and so on


  • Having a strong professional and personal interest in technology, digital economy, innovations


  • Open to all nationalities



Scholarships available!

  • Full scholarship (international travel, accommodation, travel expenses within China) for the best application proposals


  • ️Partial scholarship (covered accommodation and travel expenses within China and one international ticket)

Interested in joining the tour?

Submit your expression of interest via the link below:​

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