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99 Giving Day: Ancient Chinese Wisdom Challenge

What is 99 Giving Day - an impactful event for the non-profits from China

The highlight of the Tencent Foundation’s charity efforts is the annual “99 Giving Day” campaign held in September, during which Tencent matches any donations made by the public via its online platform. Since its establishment in 2015, Tencent's 99 Giving Day has become a renowned charity with the largest number of participants, the most influential contributors and the most diverse range of charity scenarios in China.

In the past six years, the total amount of users’ donations for 99 Giving Day increased from RMB128 million (US$19 million) to RMB2.32 billion (US$352 million) by more than 17 times. In the same period, Tencent charity platform attracted more than 156 million participants.

What is #99wisdom
(99 Giving Day Ancient Chinese Wisdom Challenge)

In this video, Sinologist Dr. Holger Schneider from Berlin will explain why he wants to initiate this challenge. And in the 9 videos below he will explain 9 famous ancient Chinese philosopher's saying and teach you how to read it in Chinese :)

How do you participate?

1 - Read one ancient Chinese saying in Chinese
2 - Explain the text in English or your own language 

3 - Post it on your social media tagging #99wisdom

1 Disaster Relief
2 Equal Healthcare
3 Female Empowerment
4 Culture Preservation
5 Environment Protection
6 Care for the Children
7 Care for the Underprivileged
8 Care for the Elderly
9 Education Equality
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