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On June 14-21, 16 young leaders and changemakers coming from 14 countries and 5 regions including Europe, Asia, North & South America, and Africa joined the Future Close-Up tour, jointly organized by the China International Communications Group and Tencent.


The Future Close-Up tour is a youth exchange program, which gathers experts and young adults working in various fields from both China and across the world to engage in discussions and exchange perspectives on the current landscape and potential opportunities presented by the digital economy. 

Day 1: 
Welcome Day, Shenzhen

On their first day in China, a welcoming reception and ceremony were awaiting for the tour participants at Tencent Binhai Headquarters.


In the afternoon, participants engaged into half-day discussion about China's recent trends in the digital economy through a direct interaction with Tencent's experts representing various departments - from digital solutions to marketing and even digital charity. 

Day 2: 
Face to Face with Enterprises,


Shenzhen is a capital of China's entrepreneurship and several biggest Chinese tech companies were founded or based their headquarters in this vibrant southern city. Participants visited HONOR company, a leading global provider of smart devices, and talked with the staff members. Ping An Group's sector on the construction of the smart city ecosystem became the second stop. 

Day 3: 
Digital tour around Beijing

You can have the digital tour of Beijing and all you need is just one mobile phone! Tour participants were divided into teams and explored Beijing using digital apps! They booked a ride on DiDi, said “Hi!” to Confucius, hopped on a shared bike, and so on. They even donated their "steps" to Tencent Charity, the tech titan’s online charity platform!

Day 4: 
Discovery Day, Beijing

16 youth representatives visited the Communication University of China (CUC), first attending University's Museum of the Broadcasting and then moving to the sharing about the projects university's students run to help weak sighted people to enjoy the world of the cinema. The day at the CUC continued with the afternoon workshop on the Development and Application of Digital Media Technology in China. All the participants received the certificate from the CUC after its completion. 

Day 5: 
Co-creation Day, Beijing

The youth delegation headed to CICG Center for Americas, where they learned about the early days of the media in China and saw the origins of the media channels and printed publications we can read daily today. Later, participants found themselves in Tencent Headquarters again, but this time in Beijing! Company's staff took everyone for the tour around the building, showing the technologies which are being used in various Tencent's products - from daily WeChat payments till more sophisticated autonomous driving technologies, film production, and so on.

Day 6: 
Forum Day, Beijing

The 2023 Future Close-up Forum hosted on the final day of the tour became the highlight of the whole program. It marked the end of 16 participants' week-long trip in China, seen as a journey to explore the country's thriving tech industry.

CICG and Tencent leadership opened the Forum with the welcoming remarks. Following that, invited Chinese professors and experts, as well as participants of the Future Close-Up Forum themselves presented their keynote speeches and took part in the three panels.

Panel 1. Zoom-in China

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