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Tech Empowerment:
a Path to Companies' Transformation
in the Post-Pandemic Era Session

Nine of our fellows from the THINC 2022 Cohort entrepreneurship group shared their views on technology and company development on the evening of December 17.


With a background in related research, Maria Adele Carrai (Italy), Assistant Professor at the New York University Shanghai, delivered an outstanding keynote speech on the role of technology in today’s global development, as well as that of tech development in China.

"Technology has empowered us to exercise our rights by offering us new opportunities to build connections and share ideas," Carrai said. She hopes the international society can solve different tensions, such as geopolitical ones, to promote tech sharing and cooperation and bring together different people.


Moreover, Carrai hailed China’s contributions in helping other developing countries. China has established scientific and technological cooperation relations with many developing countries, for example through Chinese companies helping set up technological projects across Africa.

In the panel on tech and company operations, Igor Alexander Bello Tasic (Brazil/Spain) and his group members Arome Ibrahim (Nigeria), Brett Lyndall Singh (South Africa), Martin Fabien (France) and Adam Lau (China) discussed how tech has helped them realize their goals or projects in different fields, ranging from finance to education and healthcare.

In facing the gloomy outlook for globalization, they believed tech companies should go global to drive valuation.


What factors would you consider when evaluating a technology project or an investment in a technology company? In another panel on the development outlook of tech companies, Shalini Prakash (India) and her group members Armin Popp (Germany) and Sara Medina (Portugal) tried to answer this and other questions.

If there actually is a market, what the legal issues and regulations are, what the capability of the team is and how ready a particular technology is…. These are some of the main points to consider, according to them.


They added many companies are too busy with daily ongoings and new things popping up all the time. Sometimes they lose track of the concrete outline of what it exactly is they need to achieve. Companies should also sufficiently understand their customers.

They further expressed their excitement to engage in different, new things in different parts of the world in the coming future, as we live in an ever-changing world.

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