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Webinar | Tech x Social Inclusion

On August 21st, THINC Fellowship held the first monthly webinar organized by Techlusive Team!

THINC fellows got together online to have a deep and insightful discussion on social inclusion. As we know, the pandemic brought lots of people apart and made some social groups disconnected, especially vulnerable ones. But, at the same time we saw the rise in new technologies which were not that much used or not used at all before. These technologies let us feel united, promoting social Inclusion worldwide.

The first webinar session featured the Chief Consultant of HKCSS Social Enterprise Business Centre(SEBC) and the Convenor of Artificial Intelligence & Social Intelligence Alliance (AISIA) Howard Ling, Director of Startup Village Mr. Carlo Calimon, Tencent's representatives Yifan Ren and Yunpeng Zhou.

It was an exciting almost three-hour learning and exchange experience which included culture moment session, insights sharing session and several discussion panels on women inclusion in tech, inclusive technologies and the relation between social inequities and the progress in making tech more inclusive.

The chosen topic was especially relevant since in the beginning of September China welcomes 99 Giving Days, the most large-scale charity festival in the country and probably the world. During this festival any person is able to support charity organizations or projects just by clicking a button on smartphone screen.

Thanks for the efforts and hard work to the whole Techlusive team: Abhishek Bhattacharya, Erika Broers, Martha Chumo Wurm, Precious Silva, Kunal Purohit!

This is the first webinar in a row of 12 monthly webinars devoted to different topics on how tech is connected to education, health, culture, cities, well being etc.

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