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Looking ahead to the upcoming events
of THINC 2022!

New Cohort, new THINC journey!

The THINC Fellowship 2022 Cohort fellows got acquainted with one another during a Beijing webinar on November 19.


They introduced themselves not only to their 2022 peers but also to representatives from the 2021 Cohort and audiences interested in THINC, a 12-month fellowship program powered by Tencent and Viva la Vida, gathering a community of selected young global leaders.


The fellows expressed their expectations for the upcoming year. Following the ceremony, João Azevedo Abreu from Brazil wrote on the THINC Fellowship Family Facebook, “It is awesome to have been selected among so many high achievers. I look forward to THINC’s next events.”


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Xiaoning Lyu, Co-founder of THINC Fellowship & Founder of Viva la Vida, during the ceremony took the opportunity to explain the THINC working model. She said that “entrepreneurship, science & technology, social welfare, tech for good and creativity” will be the five topics discussed among the 2022 Cohort, adding the fellows would be divided into five groups based on their backgrounds and as such attend a series of activities over the next 12 months.


“This year we are going to host a China discovery tour and invite some fellows to come visit China and take a deep dive into the country to understand what China has done in terms of tech projects,” Lyu said.


Yifan Ren, Representative from Chinese Internet technology giant Tencent and Co-founder of the THINC Fellowship, addressed the ceremony and said it was high time for a program discussing the remarkable achievements of digital technology in many areas of our lives to contribute to its future growth.

“THINC has connected us,” Ren said. “Tencent is excited to witness our growth and your growth and achievements in the THINC community. Along this journey, Tencent always believes in tech for good, meaning humanity and creativity are at the center of our research and development process.”


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Caiwei Chen, THINC mentor and a New York-based social media consultant, was invited to share her views on social media during the ceremony, for example, how to build your brand for social change. She also introduced several channels of social media and self-publishing for both fellows and audiences, sparking intense discussions.


Three fellows from the 2021 Cohort: Jonas Wolf from Germany, Antonio Stark from South Korea and Arthur Gopak from Latvia, shared their experiences and suggestions. The first THINC Fellowship officially commenced in July 2021 and concluded in July 2022. They all agreed THINC is a highly valuable program and every fellow will obtain a great deal from it.


THINC 2022 Cohort fellows introducing themselves

We look forward to their upcoming dialogues over the next 12 months!

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